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Givoom has created more ways for businesses to show their support for charity and ESG than any other platform.
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Create Leads
Engage new audiences and create new customers with eye catching images and exciting giveaways.
Show Charity Support
Explain why your brand supports this cause and show how this cause is making an impact.
Engaging Gallery
Images are proven to increase conversions significantly. Our Slider Gallery helps showcase and engage.
About The Charity
Draw more attention to your company, Describe your mission and achievements and thus spread more awareness.
Exciting Prize Details
Explain more details and features to engage further and improve conversions.
Enhance Subscribtions
Simple yet sophisticated sticky bar will constantly remind the viewers to subscribe and win an amazing prize.
Enter Now ! 
We have created high converting landing pages and grow emails, followers, leads and customers. .
More Exciting Contests
Contests and giveaways are the highest performing fundraising strategies. Create viral buzz, social shares, followers , emails and donations.

Givoom has created more ways to give and support charities than any other platform.

Create Active Donors and Supporters

We have built features, layouts and designs focused on creating a high volume donor funnel that grows daily. Followers on social media and email are nurtured to become passionate donors and supporters entering contests, buying products, making donations and creating referrals.

Attract New Customers

Our features make it easy to create a large social following and active email subscribers that are constantly motivated to engage and share and give.

Show Charity Support

Our fully customizable content management system easily creates home pages and fundraising landing pages that match your branding and style. Add or remove sections depending on your objectives and goals.

Display Your Products

Put your product on the spotlight and engage donors, as they love to get something in return that shows their support. Our gallery solutions allow you to present your products from all the possible angles.

Get More Leads

Top charities raise over $25 million per year in contest entries. Easily create contests and giveaways to raise donations and grow your following. Contests are one of most successful fundraising strategies available to nonprofit organizations.

About Charity Partners

Focus on your company's mission and achievements. Let the donors know who they help and the importance of their impact, that will increase their engagement and encourage to act more.

Campaign Creation & Promotion

Strengthen your brand and reputation by rewarding your donors with amazing prizes. This will definitely help with increasing the number of followers and creating social buzz.

Campaign Management

Givoom can help you create high performing campaigns that achieve your objectives and share your mission. Talk to a givoom fundraising specialist.



Our support teams will help you create new exciting contests and campaigns that will go viral, exciting and engaging old and new supporters.

Corporate Sponsors

We build features and campaigns that attract corporate sponsors and create partnerships that last.

Start accepting crypto currencies, one of the fastest growing payment methods and currencies.

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