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5 ways to be a climate change hero

Have you ever wondered what a climate change hero looks like? We're here to tell you climate change heroes are the people who make small changes in their everyday lives to help create a better future for our planet. From buying eco-friendly clothes, cutting down on meat consumption, or even just recycling your trash - anything can make a difference! If you want to be one of these heroes too, it's easier than you think because there are so many simple things that we all do everyday that have huge effects. So get started with this list of 5 ways to become a climate change hero today!

1. Support Eco Brands

Eco brands are more than simply a trend. These brands are doing their part to make the world a better place by donating portions of their profits to various environmental causes. As you search for your next t-shirt, hat or duffle bag, be sure to support these eco-conscious companies that are committed to sustainability and giving back. The brands also create one of the most important steps in fighting climate change and that is awareness. Eco Brands like have a brand - logo that represents the goal of keeping global warming too well under 2 degrees that was established at the Paris climate accord and signed by 189 countries.

We need to keep reminding people, policymakers and businesses that the Paris climate accord is the best climate index and goal currently established to track and measure climate change progress. The brand is here to help keep the goal of global warming too well under 2 degrees relevant and trending in popular culture. Shop now at the store and start sporting the 2, create awareness and become recognized as a climate change hero. Climadex is a Canadian registered non profit organization that donates a percentage of all sales to climate change initiatives and plants trees for every purchase. It's ok to look good while you are saving the planet. - the climate index, creating climate change awareness and action !

2. Support renewable energy companies

We can all make a difference in the fight against climate change and global warming. One of the best ways to do this is by supporting and investing in renewable energy sources that are clean, sustainable and affordable sources of power that don't produce any greenhouse gases or harmful waste. In fact, this type of energy is produced from natural resources such as the sun, wind and water, meaning that it's easily replenished. This means that it's 100% sustainable and has a much lower impact on our environment than other types of energy.

An example of a climate change hero company is amp energy who is connecting communities with solar energy and has a mission of providing clean energy for all. AMP energy will help you create renewable solar energy and generate revenue by hosting solar on your property. Hosting solar and supporting companies like amp energy is a great way to become a climate change hero.

Learn more about amp energy and hosting solar on your property:

3. ESG and Impact Investing

ESG stocks and Impact Funds are a growing trend in the investment industry. These funds invest in companies who have a positive impact on the environment, society and governance. This means that these funds can not only make you wealthy, they will change the world for the better! For example, these funds will not invest in fossil fuel producers because of their detrimental effects on our planet's health. Investing in ESG and Impact funds is a great way to make money while making a difference! specializes in finding and qualifying businesses and investment firms that have the best portfolios, strategies and returns when it comes to impact investing and being a climate change hero investor.

Learn more about impact investing and ESG:

4. Plant Trees to offset your carbon footprint

Planting trees is a great way to offset your carbon footprint and become a climate change hero. Trees are one of the most powerful tools in our fight against climate change. Planting trees reduces pollution, combats global warming, cleans our lakes, rivers and oceans creating a healthier planet for all of us! One tree releases 50 pounds of oxygen a day and can absorb a tonne of CO2 annually. This means that every tree planted may prevent up to 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year! has created partnerships with the world's leading tree planting organizations and helps to fund their mission’s of not only planting trees but saving the ones that we have. You can start planting a few trees per month for as little as $5 dollars helping to offset your personal carbon footprint. You can also purchase products that plant trees and also donate a percentage of profit to climate initiatives. Businesses can also become recognized as climate change hero's by implementing a tree planting partnership with climadex. creates carbon offsetting programs for businesses that are tax deductible and great for a company's morale and reputation. Climadex will help calculate your carbon foot print, establish the numbers of trees to plant monthly to offset that carbon output and then get our tree planting partners to start planting.

Climadex will then help you tell your story of becoming a climate change hero through images, articles and videos shared across social media, climate change influencers and news platforms racing millions of passionate climate change supporters. Climadex can also create a co-branded line of merchandise with your brand to further establish your status as a climate change hero creating more great viral images, content and awareness.

Climadex donates a percentage of profit from all sales to climate change causes and plants a tree for every purchase through the climadex store. Shop now and be recognized as a climate change hero.

5. Volunteer for an environmental or climate change non profit.

Climate change is a challenge that requires collective action. Sometimes It's not enough to make personal changes, you also need to work with the organizations and people around you who are working on this issue as well. This is what can also make you a climate change hero. Climadex can help connect your business, organization or school with the best sustainable, impactful and green companies and nonprofits that are available today. We at climadex specialize in working with these organizations to implement climate solutions for businesses, sports teams and schools.

That's why it can be so important for employees to take time out of their busy day-to-day lives and volunteer for a non profit organization that aligns with your values. For example, if climate change is an issue that matters deeply to you then there are many different ways in which you could volunteer your time: from helping raise awareness about the topic by teaching others how to reduce their carbon footprint or through donating money collected from fundraising activities such as bake sales - all these things have an impact on reducing emissions and making our planet healthier.

As a climadex hero you can also become a certified carbon neutral business or organization by planting trees and investing in ESG funds. Climadex offers both certification and badge options for individuals and businesses through our partnerships with leading carbon offsetting and tree planting organizations. Since becoming climate change hero's is an ongoing process that requires continuous improvements now is always a good time to start.

Volunteering for a non-profit is often considered to be the perfect way to use your time. You can help out for as little as an hour each week, and it might make you feel better too! But maybe you're wondering what you can do and what kind of non profit group would like your help. There are so many different types of climate change and environmental charities out there that it can be difficult to decide, but we'll make it easy for you. Reach out to climadex and see what type of help is needed and where. All volunteers with climadex and partner charities receive gifts of monthly merchandise from the climadex store and are automatically entered in all eco brand giveaway contests like our current campaign to win an electric bike.  

There are lots of other ways to be recognized as a climate change hero; there are plenty of other things that you can do that will take less time but still make a difference for people around the world. Every time you eat meatless meals like spaghetti with marinara sauce or veggie burgers instead of beef burgers, you're helping the environment. Even something as simple as turning  off the water while you're brushing your teeth saves gallons of water, which can make a big difference when everyone does it.  Even if you think they don't make much of a difference you'll be surprised by how easy it is to become a climate change hero.

Check out today and get started on the path to becoming a climate change here.